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New This Month

“Empathy is communicating that incredibly healing message of ‘you are not alone.”
-Brené Brown
October is here, fall is in the air where I live and Kids in Service will once again be focusing on the importance of EMPATHY. Why should we as parents and caregivers explicitly teach and model the concept of empathy?  Because Empathy is a learned trait.  Everyone is born with the ability to feel empathy but many of us need to develop skills in order to understand and feel sensitive towards the feelings and emotions of others. I feel that teaching your children how to be EMPATHETIC and modeling for them what it looks like is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.
Check out our post all about how to teach and model empathy for your small children and teens.  We have lots of resources for the whole family in this article (including teens!!)
Reading quality stories to your children (no matter their age) is a great way to help them to practice the skill of empathy.  Throughout the story, encourage your child to “put themselves into the shoes” of the character and ask what they think the character may be feeling.  We have a great list of books to help talk about empathy with your kids.  We have new books on the list and have added YouTube read aloud links.
Are you looking for a simple service project to do with your kids that will help teach them about bravery and empathy? The Holiday Cards for our Military Challenge is a non-profit from NH that collects and sends holiday greetings to our deployed military. Click above image for more information.
Welcome to YEAR TWO of the Kids in Service Parent Book Club!! This year we will be reading  book I have chosen this year is, Deep Kindness by Houston Kraft. I have only just begun this book and I already love it! Click image above to learn more!
Are your kids Trick or Treating this year? Are you looking for ways to cut back on their sugar consumption? Why not try a Halloween Candy switch. My kids have been doing this for over a decade and they LOVE it. Click image above to learn more.

Camp Empathy was born out of the 2019/2020 school year of service I did with my “real life” club in NH. That year our theme was EMPATHY and we focused our meeting time learning about EMPATHY and working on service projects related to that theme. It is organized as a 4 day week but you can easily spread the days out and do one a week for a month long program or schedule in the activities when they fit into your summer or school year.
Looking safe option to serve your community at home?  We have a years worth of FREE KIS virtual meetings for you to check out.  Click on the image above to learn more.