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Kids in Service was created to inspire families to serve their communities together. We share project ideas, book recommendations and stories of Incredible Kids serving their communities.  Please sign up for our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with all that we have going on each month on the site.  You can also visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

New This Month

pay it forward summer

Welcome to our Pay it Forward SummerKids in Service is going to encourage you and your family to Pay it Forward all summer long. Acts of Kindness often have a ripple effect, that we never see. One kind deed has the power to inspire a chain of kindness where hundreds or thousands of people may be blessed as a result. This is the MAGIC of Paying it Forward.

New on the site this month you will find:
  • Pay it Forward Page--This page is devoted to project ideas to help you and your family Pay it Forward all summer long.  We will be releasing more content in July and August to this page.
  • Camp Kindness–It’s a free four day “Camp” experience for your home.  The FREE download will be available on June 19th!!
  • Project–Seeds of Kindness
  • Art for Hospice
  • Service Project Ideas for the month of June
  • Printable Book List–The Kids in Service booklist is FREE and you can print it out or download it to your phone so that you can take it with you to the local bookstore or library. The list is updated monthly, and organized by category, with all of the book recommendations from the site.

We are looking forward to a summer of spreading kindness!