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pay it forward summer

Welcome to our Pay it Forward Summer! We at Kids in Service are so ready for the slower pace of summer.  We are looking forward to warm weather, spending more time outside and going on adventures with family and friends. Summer is also the perfect time to reflect upon our blessings and Pay it Forward, so that we can bless others.

Have you ever gone to pay for your coffee at the drive through window and someone has already paid for it? Have you ever gotten a big smile or compliment from a stranger, just when you needed it most? Have you ever been given flowers or a plate of cookies from a neighbor or friend for no reason at all? That is what it looks like to Pay it ForwardKids in Service is going to encourage you and your family to Pay it Forward all summer long.

Acts of Kindness often have a ripple effect, that we never see. One kind deed has the power to inspire a chain of kindness where hundreds or thousands of people may be blessed as a result. This is the MAGIC of Paying it Forward.


The book Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson is the perfect way to explain the concept of paying it forward to young kids. Young Mary secretly leaves a  basket of fresh picked blueberries on her neighbor’s porch and this kind gesture sets off an infinite chain of kindness. All ages will love this tale of how one kind deed changed the world. Click HERE to check out our Pay it Forward booklist!

For the next 3 months, Kids in Service will have service project ideas, book recommendations and inspiration to help you and your family Pay it Forward this summer.

Camp Empathy is COMING soon! Make sure your are subscribed to our newsletter so that you get your FREE downloadable copy later in June! Click HERE to subscribe.
Camp Kindness is a 4 Day “Camp” experience that you can do at home with your kids. You can do all 4 days in one week or split them up throughout the summer.  This program can work for all ages and for working families as well.  Click the Camp Kindness image below to learn more and get your FREE copy!!

Click the link above for lots of fun ideas to help you give your kids the simple summer of our childhood.

This is an easy project to make on a rainy summer day and and then keep your seeds of kindness in your car or bag for whenever you need to spread a little kindness.

Make a Difference May
This is sweet and easy project for all ages that will help spread a little joy to people who could really use some.

Hosting a fundraiser for charity is a WONDERFUL way service project for the summertime. Lemonade stands and bake sales (or a combination) are great ways for children to raise money for a charity that they believe in.  Alex’s Lemonade Stand days are June 5-13th if your kids want to create a lemonade stand to support that wonderful charity. Click on the image above to learn more.

This book list is filled with fun titles to spark creativity and bust boredom in your little ones. There are YouTube Read Aloud links for most of the books. 
Looking for something to do this summer?  We have a years worth of FREE KIS virtual meetings for you to check out.  Click on the image above to learn more.