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“Deep breaths are like little love notes to your body.”

Welcome to Mindful March here at Kids in Service! Teaching children to be mindful is an important step in helping them to be kind and compassionate human beings. With all that our world is facing, practicing mindfulness with your family can be a helpful way to deal with all of the daily worry and anxiety. Check out all of the resources below to learn how you and your children can incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.
Teaching children to be mindful is an important step in helping them to be kind and compassionate human beings. Check out this post to learn why mindfulness is something you should be practicing as a family.
Just like exercising your muscles, it is important to exercise deep breathing and being mindful.  When you do this, you will better be able to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes your way. Check out our favorite ways to practice mindfulness.
A great way to encourage mindfulness in children is to help them to explore their 5 senses.  We have some suggestions for how to practice mindfulness through the 5 senses while having lots of fun!
We have lots of yoga resources to share with your kids, many of them are FREE. Yoga is a great family activity that helps to deepen breathing and practice mindfulness. If you come to the mat with an open mind and playful spirit, your kids will be eager to join in on the fun.
Meditation is often a scary concept for people, I know it was for me. Meditation (even 5 minutes a day) helps everyone to improve attention, and deal with stress and anxiety. We have some great resources that can open up the practice of meditation to the whole family.
We have lots of books and resources to help inspire mindful practices at home.  Many of the books have YouTube Read Aloud links so you can listen to them today!
Looking for some projects to help animals at the local shelters?  Check out our post with lots of ideas.
Check out our Winter Hygge Series from January!
The Iditarod starts Saturday, March 6th.  The pandemic has changed the route of the Last Great Race and Musher will actually be racing in a loop for the first time ever.  Check out our Iditarod with Kids post to learn how you and your family can follow the Iditarod this year! Click on the picture above to check out the post.
Club Meetings for both the KIS JR will be out Friday, March 5th. It’s FREE to join!! Click the box above for more information.