Gratitude Projects

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” – Willie Nelson

Here are a few projects with a Gratitude Theme to try out.


Gratitude Sticky Notes--We do this in the winter and spring but you could do it anytime of year.  Grab some fun sticky notes (they have many shapes and colors now) and each night have everyone at the table write one thing they are thankful for.  You can invite guests to your house to do the same when they come over.  We stick our notes all over the dining room window and it is fun to see the windows get COVERED in blessings and thanksgivings.


Gratitude Walk--Take a walk as a family and as you walk you can each think about what you are grateful for.  Have you and your children observe things in nature to be grateful for.  You can all call them out as you notice them or save them to share with a snack at the end of your walk or at a half way point.


Gratitude Scavenger Hunt–This great activity is from Let’s Get Together.  My kids and I are planning to do it as a photo scavenger hunt but you do not have to.  This simple activity encourages EVERYONE in the family to look closely for the blessings all around them.   Click Here to head to their site so you can print out your own Scavenger Hunt.


Click Here for a list of books that all have a theme of Gratitude.

A BEAUTIFUL gratitude video for you and the kids!  



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