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It was early November and the “I want this for Christmas!” had already started.  I knew we had to do something or it was going to be a long month and a half.  I told the kids to sit down and make their Christmas lists right then and there.  They were to spend this whole day thinking of themselves.  Then we’d put the lists away and spend the rest of the Holiday Season thinking of others.

We decided to create a Kindness Chain to keep track of our kind deeds and watch them grow.  There was a ring for every deed and our goal was to make it touch the floor.  It was one of the best Holiday Seasons we have ever had because we spent our time and focus on spreading KINDNESS!  The Kids enjoyed this so much, they asked if we could keep it going through out the year.  We had Kindness Chains for January, March, April and then there wasn’t a need for them anymore.  They still wanted to do kind things without the chain.  Kindness had become a habit.

You do not have to make a chain, perhaps you keep track of kind deeds with cotton balls or loose change in a jar or beads on a necklace (this is what we do in our community service club).  It is nice for children to see concrete evidence of their kind deeds when they start out.  Watching their kindness chain get bigger or cotton balls filling up the jar will give them incentive to do more kind things.  Eventually they won’t need that jar any more.

Here are some ideas of ways you can spread KINDNESS this Holiday Season and beyond.

  1. Make Cookies for a Group Who Serves Your Community (Police, Library etc.)
  2. Donate Toys to a local charity
  3. Jingle Someone
  4. Call a loved one on the phone and tell them how much they mean to you
  5. Order a pizza for a friend and have it delivered anonymously
  6. Create a Christmas Jar and anonymously deliver it to a family or person in need
  7. Send Letters to a Sick Child in the Hospital
  8. Donate canned goods to the local food bank
  9. Donate old books to your library
  10. Pick up Trash in Your Neighborhood or in a Local Park
  11. Hold the Door Open for Somebody
  12. Smile at everyone you see
  13. Pay for the coffee for the person behind you at the drive thru window
  14. Surprise someone with flowers
  15. Return someone’s cart at the grocery store
  16. Let someone go ahead of you in line
  17. Leave a kind note in a library book for the next person to find
  18. Pay a strangers Library Fees
  19. Help Make Dinner
  20. Tell a manager what a good experience you had (or write a positive review for a restaurant, store online)

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