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The New Year–Dreaming with Kids


I LOVE the cleansing feeling of a new year.  I love new calendars to fill in, new goals to set, creating a vision board and picking my Word of the Year.  This past year my word was Ohana (and boy did I get a lot of family time this year!) and in the past I have used Discipline, Mindful, Balance, Gratitude, Renew and this year my word is PURPOSE.

Here is a great site to help you pick a word for the year.  I have encouraged my children and husband to pick words too.  It was a fun process and I found a quote to go along with each of their words.

2I always spend the week between Christmas and New Years dreaming, planning, goal setting and creating my personal vision board (which I then make the wallpaper of my computer).  This year I want to bring my kids into this process and help guide them to create vision boards and set some personal goals for themselves.  As homeschoolers we do some academic goals at the beginning of the school year but I want to go bigger with them this year.

On New Years Day our favorite tradition is our New Year’s Day Interviews that we do over a big family breakfast.  We started these in 2010 and we love to see how we have each grown and changed over the years.  If you’d like to see our simple interview, you can CLICK HERE.  This year after the interviews, we are going to break out old magazines, big chart paper and markers and work on creating our own vision boards for 2019.  We will then set some family goals for 2019, I can’t wait!!


One of my favorite resources for helping my kids to DREAM BIG and to set goals is our Big Life Journals.  We have had our Big Life Journals since the very beginning when they launched as a Kick Starter Campaign.

The Big Life Journal is a journal your child fills out with an older buddy.  My son picked myself as his buddy and my daughter picked my husband.  Kids can pick ANYONE and have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Skype or phone calls with their buddy.  The idea is that the buddy and the child read the journal together and the buddy helps the child to respond to the prompts. Just this year they came out with a version for teens and I am so excited to get our copy for my son.

The Big Life Journal website also have lots of resources (many FREE) about helping your kids to develop their growth mindset, set goals and build self-esteem.

How do you mark the New Year with your children?  

This is not an advertisement for Big Life Journals. I just wanted to share this amazing resource.



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