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7 Days of Kindness


Kids in Service will be leading a 7 days of Kindness challenge on social media (Instagram and Facebook) from February 8th-February 14th.  We are asking everyone in our community to try to do a kind deed every day for one week.  Share the kind deed that you or someone you love did on either our Facebook page or Instagram Page each day.  Each kind deed that you share will be an entry into our prize drawing.  If you post a kind deed EVERY DAY for 7 days, you will get an extra 5 entries into the drawing.

You must “LIKE” our Kids in Service Facebook page and/or FOLLOW us on Instagram to be entered in the drawing.  

If you are not on social media, you can still enter the contest by emailing us and telling us about your kind deed.  Please email  If you email all 5 days, you will receive an extra 5 entries.

We have 3 prizes to choose from (lunch box notes and two books) and we will have 3 winners!!  The first person drawn will get to choose their prize of the three prizes available, the second person drawn will then get to choose their prize out of the two prizes left and the 3rd person drawn will be given the remaining prize.

We hope you will join us for this week of Kindness!  See you over on social media.

Here are the prizes:

One Box of Lunch Box Notes by Bloom Daily Planners


Pay it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde (Paperback edition)


The Berenstain Bears Lend a Helping Hand by Stan and Jan Berenstain (Paperback)

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.  If you click on one of the pictures of the books and choose to purchase a book through this site, 20% of all proceeds will be donated to the Kids in Service charity of the season.  This season the charity is Love Does.  You can learn more about Love Does HERE.

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  1. On day 1 of 7 days of kindness, I dropped off some food items to the Food Pantry box at Stop & shop. On day two, I made the effort to visit a client who was feeling down. Don’t know if I helped her feel better, but I got the chance to lady chat and to give her a big bear hug. Also… offered to “loan” my driveway to a friend who is trying to sell her truck with no success. Our busy street has given her 3 interested parties in one day and hopefully, it will sell soon!

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