Showing Solidarity

photo taken from the Eagle Tribune, March 23rd

The kids and I were very blessed to be part of a Peace and Solidarity rally last Friday.  The event was organized to show support and love for the people of our local Islamic Center, after the terror attack in New Zealand a week prior. We represented the Kids in Service NH community, as we came together with a small crowd in the cold and rain.

My hero Joe, who runs Merrimack Valley Hope Mission, put together this beautiful peace rally.  For the past 3 1/2 years, Merrimack Valley Hope Mission has organized lunches for the homeless population to be distributed on Fridays.  They have only missed one day (because of a blizzard) in that time period.  Joe arranged the rally to begin right before this weekly ritual and welcomed all in the park to attend.

We collected flowers and cards from children to present to the members of the Islamic center.  A minister gave a beautiful sermon, we prayed together and let the members of the Islamic center know that we are their neighbors and stand beside them.  The gentleman pictured above, shared with me how much support they have received since the attack and how grateful they are.

As we all gathered together to hold hands, I looked around the circle and was struck by the beauty of it.  The people in that circle were from different faith backgrounds, different races and many were homeless.  It was beautiful to see us coming together as one unit, showing peace and solidarity and understanding that EVERYONE in our world is a target for hate and violence.

In a world filled with hate, we need to be the LOVE and LIGHT.  It is up to us to continue showing up for one another, no matter what our backgrounds or beliefs might be. We need to stick together and remember that we are all humans and have the same desire to live in a world where we feel safe, love and accepted.  I urge you all to go out be the light for someone in your life who may be suffering.  A little love and kindness may be just what they are needing today.




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