Lessons From a Dropped Jar of Pickles


I was sitting on the front porch trying to plan out my busy week, when I heard my daughter crying from the kitchen.  My first reaction was irritation, “What could she be crying about now? Tears are not on my to-do list!” When I came into the room she was standing in stocking feet with the fridge doors open and a shattered jar of pickles all over the tile floor.  I looked at her scared little face, took a deep breath and decided to react with patience rather than the frustration that was brewing inside of me.

As I looked at her face, I reminded myself that this was an accident. It is not her fault that once again I have taken on too much and there are not enough hours in the day to finish it all, yet alone clean up this pickle mess.  “Hello, Enneagram ONE here!”

I calmly helped her to safety from the glass, reassured her that it was okay and got to work cleaning up the mess.  As she and I mopped up the stinky pickle juice, I reflected on how that situation could have gone much differently if I had let my temper get the best of me.  I thought about my word of the year, Ohana, which means family.  If I truly want to honor that word, some things have to come off of my very full plate.


I had big plans to create another FREE Kids in Service Camp for this summer but unfortunately I need to put that on the back burner for now.  I have to focus on my family, homeschool and the other responsibilities that come my way every May/June.  Deciding to put the project aside for the moment has allowed me to breathe a little deeper.

I am sorry that Camp Empathy will not be out this June but I am hopeful that it will come to fruition.  The project is too important to me to drop all together. That broken pickle jar showed me that I need to give myself a little grace and prioritize time with my family during this busy season. Who knew that I’d be so grateful for a broken jar of pickles?!?!


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  1. So awesome that something broken restored somethings much larger and far more important – your peace and your perspective. Love this!!!

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