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I was excited to be asked to appear on the Love of Learning podcast this month.   It was so much fun to talk with Deyan Stanchev from his home in Bulgaria about families serving together.  Deyan and his team created the Love of Learning podcast to explore the idea of mindful parenting and they have had many interesting guests since their start in October 2020.

In this Kids in Service episode (click HERE to listen), we talk about the start of Kids in Service, indirect vs. direct service, serving with our children, character education, books as teaching tools and homeschooling. It was so much fun to record and I hope you enjoy listening.

The Love of Learning Podcast can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.  


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  1. You are so amazing in this podcast! I’m so glad more people will now be able to listen in. Thank you for sharing all your insight and wisdom about the value of service. How wonderful that your gifts reach as far as Bulgaria and beyond. Our kids, and our world, are better off because of Kids In Service and you!!!

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