Parent Book Club-Deep Kindness

Welcome to YEAR TWO of the Kids in Service Parent Book Club!! I had so much fun reading UnSelfie by Dr. Michele Borba last year with this community that I decided to keep the KIS Parent Book Club going. This is a NO STRESS book club and so it was important to find a powerful book that is short in length, well reviewed and a pleasure to listen to on audio. The book I have chosen this year is, Deep Kindness by Houston Kraft. I have only just begun this book and I already love it!

I hope you will join us for KIS Parent Book Club this year.  The reading plan I created is so gentle but many people who reviewed the book read it in one setting. There is no reading in December (a time to catch up), most months have less than 20 pages for the whole month and it will all be wrapped up before the busy month of May is upon us.  I know life is crazy and wanted to create a reading plan that would help you to succeed in reading this powerful book this school year.

This book is available for free through OverDrive if your library is a participant. The book is read by the author and you can support your local bookstore by buying the audio through libro.fm or the print version through bookshop.org. It can be found wherever you get your books (it’s available on Scribd for people who are members!). I can’t wait to read this book with you this school year!

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