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KIS Parent Book Club–October 2021

This month we are reading Part I of Deep Kindness by Houston Kraft.   In Chapter 1, Houston Kraft says that “Kindness is not normal.” Do you agree with this statement? What are your thoughts? If Kindness were normal, would our world look the way it does?

In chapter 3 of Deep Kindness, Mr. Kraft explores the differences between Common Kindness (politeness), Confetti Kindness (pay it forward etc.) and Deep Kindness (unconditional kindness that requires courage).

I had never stopped to really evaluate the different types of kindness and started to think about how the Kids in Service site could help families to focus more on Deep Kindness vs. Confetti Kindness.  I am hopeful this book will help me to do that.

“What if we talked about Kindness in a way that honored how hard it is?” 

-chapter 3 of Deep Kindness



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