Halloween Candy Switch

My children have participated in the Halloween Candy Switch since they first started Trick or Treating. Each year they trade their Halloween Candy for a $8-$10 toy of their choice.  I know what you are thinking, “You take ALL of their candy, you are so cruel!”  To be clear I don’t TAKE anything, it is a TRADE that they agree to make.  I allow them to eat some candy on Halloween and save 5 pieces for consumption the week after Halloween.  This has worked well for us and their dentist approves!

The candy the kids trade has been sent to various places over the years. For along time my husband would take it into work. His co-workers, many of them without children, LOVED the variety of candy and it was usually all gone in 1-2 days!

Other years we have donated it to our local food bank. Our local food bank likes to include Halloween candy as part of their Thanksgiving food baskets. “We like to put in a little fun for the kids,” the organizer told me. 

There are many great places to donate Halloween Candy, a quick internet search will bring up many options in your area.  Happy Halloween!!

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