Holiday Cards for the Military

The Holiday Cards for our Military Challenge is a non-profit from NH that collects and sends holiday greetings to our deployed military. They have collected and sent out almost 500,000 cards since the project began!

This is a wonderful project for you and your family to work on together. Write out a holiday card (or make your own) and thank a warrior for their service to our country and wish them a happy holiday. Send your completed holiday cards to Holiday Cards for our Military Challenge, PO Box 103 Hollis, NH 03049.

Check out the Holiday Cards for our Military Challenge website for card guidelines and deadlines. They like all cards to be in by Halloween and usually start collecting in July.

This service project does not take a lot of time, is perfect for ALL AGES (everyone who can hold a crayon) and will make such a big impact on the person who receives your card.

Thank you for helping to brighten up the holiday season for our wonderful military!

Click on the image below to watch a video that tells the story of how this challenge came to be.  

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