Kindness Jar

This is the Kindness Jar that sits near our dining table.  My children made it with our kids community service group last winter and it is always out as a constant reminder to think of others and BE KIND.  The Jar is filled with slips of paper that contain ideas for kind deeds.

When we go to the jar for ideas for kind deeds we pull out three slips of paper.  We then decide which deed is the best one for us to do right now.  Some of the kind deeds are more time consuming or may need a trip to the store and if we have a lot going on we may have to save them for another day.

You can easily make your own Kindness Jar with materials you have in the house.

  1. First find an empty, clean jar and have the kids decorate it with paint (we used paint pens), stickers, sharpies….anything!
  2. Next CLICK HERE for a FREE PRINTABLE with slips with many kind deed ideas and blank slips for you to come up with your own ideas.  Print these out and go through each one and decide as a family if you will add them to your jar or not.  Then work together to brainstorm some other kind deeds that you could do and place those in the jar.
  3. Cut these slips of paper and put them in your jar.
  4. When you are ready to do a kind deed, pick a few slips of paper and decided as a family which deed you will do that day (some of the deeds take more prep time than others).
  5. If you would like, you can keep track of your kind deeds by replacing the slips of paper with a cotton ball or marble and watch the jar fill up or keep a KINDNESS CHAIN like we did.

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