10+ Projects for Kids Ages 6 and up

  1. Project Seeds of Kindness–The mission for this project is simple: Create simple Seeds of Kindness to help brighten the day of the people you meet when you are out and about in the world. Click HERE to learn more about this special project.
  2. Project Dollar Store-This is one of our most favorite activities! The mission is to put together baggies with $1 dollar bills and messages of love.  Spread them all over the dollar store with out being detected.  Drive away with love in your hearts. Click HERE for more information.
  3. Project Food Drive–Food banks get the bulk of their donations in November and December and thus the spring and summer months can be pretty sparse. Helping your kids to organize a Food Drive is a great activity to help them serve their community. Click HERE for more information.
  4. Donate Gently Used Toys, Games and Clothes-People who are homeless are always in need of gently used clothing (especially warm clothing in the cold winter months), new toiletries or toys that are in good shape.  Give everyone in your family a bag or a box and challenge them to fill it with as many quality items as they can.  Once you fill your bags or boxes drop them off at the local homeless shelter.  This service project is not only helping people in need but it is also challenging the family to declutter. This is a win-win in my book!
  5. Kindness Jar–The Kindness Jar is a great family activity. The jar contains slips of paper with ideas for kind deeds that your family can do. It is a great go to when you and you kids are in the mood to spread some kindness. Click HERE to learn more and for our FREE printable.
  6. Artwork for Hospice–Creating artwork to cheer up hospice patients is a WONDERFUL service project for all ages.  You could paint uplifting paintings, make blank greeting cards with the children’s drawings on the front or paint terracotta flower pots. Click HERE for more information.
  7. Art and Cards for the Nursing Home–Many local nursing homes are not allowing visitors and the residents would love some artwork and cheer from the outside. Contact your local nursing home to see if they are open to cards and artwork to cheer up the residents. Click HERE for more ideas of how to serve at your local nursing home.
  8. Trash Pick Up–Our streets are littered with trash, especially those of us who just had the snow melt.  Grab some gloves and trash bags and head out to pick up trash with your kids.  Parks and beaches are safe places to clean up as you don’t have to worry about traffic.
  9. Military Holiday Card Challenge–The Military Holiday Card Challenge has sent over 500,000 cards. The deadline to send in your cards is Halloween but there is no reason why you can’t get started on them now.  Put on some holiday music, get out the paper and markers and spread some holiday cheer to our military with a holiday card that thanks them for all of their hard work and sacrifice. Check out their website for card guidelines.
  10. Write a Thank You Note–-Have you thanked your parent or care giver lately?  Have you thanked your teacher, your coach, bus driver or librarian for all they do for you? Did you recently receive a gift?  EVERYONE loves mail!  Bless one or more people in your life with a card or note thanking them for all they do to help and support you.  This is a project for all ages, as the littles can draw and adults can scribe the note of thanks and gratitude. Thank you notes are a lost art and it is an important way to teach our children about gratitude.


  1. Paint Kindness Rocks–This is a fun project for when it is nice outside and you can paint outdoors!
  2. Secretly Leave Treats on a Friend’s Doorstep (Boo for Halloween, Jingle for the Holidays or just because!)
  3. Project Appreciation-Bake a sweet treat for a group of people who serve your community (or buy prepackaged treats).  Have your children create a thank you note to go along with the treat.  Deliver the treat and let that group know how much you appreciate all they do. Click HERE for more details and a thank you note printable.
  4. Project FundraiserKids of this age LOVE a good lemonade stand. Help them to turn their lemonade stand into a project that will serve others. Click HERE to learn more.
  5. Birthday Boxes-Birthday celebrations are often taken for granted but there are some families where money can not be spared. Put together Birthday Boxes for your local food bank to help children in need have a very special day!

Other Service Project Ideas by Age

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