Gratitude Month

November is a great time to focus on gratitude with your kids. Just like empathy and kindness, GRATITUDE is a learned trait. You can help your children learn this important trait by modeling gratitude and putting a gratitude practice in place in your home. 

This month is the perfect time to start a gratitude practice (or dust off the old practices that have gone by the wayside). Check out the posts below for ideas of how to teach your children about gratitude and gratitude practices you can put into place this month and beyond.

Regularly sharing what you are grateful for, helps kids to understand the meaning of gratitude. This post is filled with ideas for how your family can share and mark what they are grateful for this season.
Gratitude is a skill that must be taught to children and developed over time.  We have a bunch of activities in this post to help your child to develop their understanding of gratitude while having a lot of fun.
Check out this month’s book corner for lots of great books about gratitude and Thanksgiving.  We have added as many YouTube links as possible to help you get quick access to these wonderful stories.

Looking Ahead to December

The month of November always flies by so quickly and December seems to go even faster! I wanted to bring the following posts to your attention now, so you can plan ahead for how you want to spread love and kindness this holiday season.

For years we have been following Passionate Penny Pincher’s Reverse Advent Calendar.  This year I was inspired to create two new giving calendars to encourage EVERYONE to participate in Season’s Giving.
There are so many fun ways to count down to Christmas and here are a few of our favorites.
This is my FAVORITE holiday present EVER and I have my children start work on it in mid-November.  This is a wonderful and inexpensive gift for your children to make to show someone in their life how much they mean to them. You could also make this a Hanukkah, Solstice or Kwanzaa present!
The holiday season is a busy time and it’s easy for our kids to focus on themselves and what they want for gifts. This post is filled with projects that can help your children focus on kindness and the spirit of giving this holiday season.
Winter Solstice is a great time to connect as a family and show kindness to the animals in your own backyard. Check out our post for our favorite books and ways that you can mark the solstice this year.
The 8 day celebration of Hanukkah happens each year sometime between late November and late December. Check out our post to learn all about the festival of lights, our 8 favorite books and ways that your kids can serve others during the festival.
The 7 day celebration of Kwanzaa happens each year starting on December 26th. Check out our post to learn all about this special festival and the 7 pillars, our favorite books and ways that your kids can serve others during the festival.
It is never too late to start a Christmas jar!  The first year my family participated in this special project, we started in mid December using spare change from around the house that we had collected.

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