Scheduling hygge Time

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Today we are talking about scheduling some hygge time with your loved ones each week. I am not sure that the Danes would like this idea of putting hygge on the calendar, it kind of goes against everything that hygge stands for.  However, in our busy lives,  I find that scheduling hygge time is essential.

hygge is a beautiful way to slow down, connect and focus on what really matters.  If you do not schedule it in, it will be the first thing to be shoved aside as you focus on your long to-do lists and rush from activity to activity.  Taking an hour, two hours (we take a whole day) to build in hygge time means that you will be more likely to follow through.  I know that once you start adding sacred hygge time into your life, you will look for more and more ways to add more time.

Here are some ideas of how you and your family can schedule in some hygge time this week.

Family Game Night–This is a great way to set aside some hygge time each week.  Dust off those family games, make some fun snacks, light a few candles and put on some soft music.  This is a great way to spend some quality time together.

Hygge Afternoon–My dear friend’s family have a hygge afternoon on Sundays.  They lock up all of their electronic devices, get out their cozy blankets, light some candles and gather together in their family room.  They may each read their own books, listen to an audio book together, work on jigsaw puzzles or color in adult coloring books.  This all happens while the delicious smells of dinner drift into the room from the crock pot in the kitchen.  This precious time helps them decompress from their busy week and recharge their batteries…the beauty of hygge!

Gratitude Walk–This can be done by going on a family walk, bike ride, hike or a snowshoe.  Exercise and time in nature is a very important part of hygge.  Go out and get some fresh air as a family and see how great it makes you feel.   CLICK HERE to learn more about Gratitude Walks.

Cook Together–It is so important to get kids involved in the kitchen.  Learning to cook when they are young, will help to prepare them to be healthier eaters when they grow up.   Spend some family time in the kitchen, making your favorite dishes.  Even the little ones can be involved in the process.

Have a Dance Party–Put on your favorite dance music, light some candles and clear some space…it is time for a family dance party!  Show the kids your best moves, let them show you their latest fad dances and just be silly together.  This is a great way to get exercise and have a lot of fun.  

Have a Bonfire-Winter bonfires are my favorite kind of bonfire.  It is so fun to sit around in the cold and watch the firelight dance.  S’mores taste just as good in the winter as they do in the summer, so break out some marshmallows and enjoy some quality hygge time.

Have Friends over for Dinner-Gathering with people is a big part of hygge.  There is no need for anything to be fancy.  Make a big pot of pasta or soup, get some bread and invite some friends to join you for dinner.  I think we put too much pressure on ourselves when it comes to hosting others.  Our true friends do not care if we have dust bunnies in the corners or if the kitchen floor hasn’t been washed in weeks.  Open up your doors, gather round the table and break bread with the people you care about, it’s so hygge 😉

How do you and your family schedule in hygge time each week?

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