Independent Bookstore Day!

The last Saturday of the month is Independent Bookstore Day across the United States. It is a great way to get out and support your local indie bookstores. Many stores have special events, book signings, merchandise and specials. If you click HERE you can find local stores around you and what events they have going on.

Local bookstores are some of my favorite places in the world, we went to 3 over our vacation in NC! They are all so unique and fun to explore. The staff is usually so kind and very knowledgeable about books. They can help you or your child find the right book or find the book you came in searching for. Many stores are happy to special order a book if they do not have it in stock. I know the price point of some websites and box stores is sometimes lower but it feels good to know that my money is going to help support the store and the people who work there.

If you can not make it to a local bookstore today, you can still support your favorite independent bookstores in a few ways:

  1.– is an audiobook retailer where you can choose the independent bookstore you would like part of your purchase to support. You can sign up for a monthly plan or just shop around. They often have great audio book sales, especially around this time of year and it feels good to know that a portion of your purchase is going directly to your favorite indie bookstore.
  2.– is similar to but for actual books, puzzles and games. You can order from their WIDE selection and pick a bookstore that you would like a portion of your purchase to support. Their shipping costs are low and sometimes they offer free shipping for Independent Bookstore day.
  3. Visit their Local Website–Visit your independent bookstores local website and see all that they have to offer and events they may have coming up that you want to put on your calendar.
  4. Call and Place an Order–All of the indie bookstores I have been in are wonderful about special orders. They will find the book you desire and call you when it comes in. Then you have a great excuse to go to the bookstore for a visit!
  5. Plan to Visit the Store Sometime Soon–If you cannot make it to your local bookstore today, plan to visit sometime soon. They will appreciate your support anytime of year!

Need an idea for your next read with your child? Check out our Book Corner to see what looks good and then head out to your local bookstore or library to grab a copy today. Happy reading!

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