Mindful March

Welcome to Mindful March! Teaching children to be mindful is an important step in helping them to be kind and compassionate human beings. There is so much more to mindfulness than yoga and meditation and this month we will explore ways that you and your children can incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. Click on the Teaching Mindfulness image below for so many resources of how you can help your kids be more mindful. We hope that you will join us for a reset.

This month, the Iditarod race is run up in Alaska. We have a great article about the race in which we share our favorite books and some service projects you can do to help animals at your local shelter.

March is National Women’s Month and we have a book list that is meant to celebrate women and prompt some rich discussions with your kids. Ramadan begins some years in spring and others in winter, it all depends on the lunar calendar. You can check out when Ramadan is happening this year by clicking here. This calendar has the dates up until the year 2032. Check out our special book list for both Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr. Happy March!

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