Books to Inspire Peace and Unity

Todd Parr is a genius when it comes to explaining BIG topics to little kids.  In The Peace Book his simple language and bright pictures help children to understand what peace means in this world.  This book can be found in many forms including board book for the youngest readers in your house.

Peace Train is a picture book that illustrates Cat Stevens’ popular song.  Peter Reynolds is a favorite around here and he is the illustrator of these beautiful illustrations.  Down below you will find a YouTube read aloud link of Cat Stevens “singing” this book! It is wonderful.

Wangari’s Trees of Peace is a beautiful true story about hope and determination.

From the publisher: “As a young girl growing up in Kenya, Wangari was surrounded by trees. But years later when she returns home, she is shocked to see whole forests being cut down, and she knows that soon all the trees will be destroyed. So Wangari decides to do something—and starts by planting nine seedlings in her own backyard. And as they grow, so do her plans . . .

This true story of Wangari Maathai, environmentalist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, is a shining example of how one woman’s passion, vision, and determination inspired great change.”

Can You Say Peace? by Karen Katz is a book about International Peace Day.  This book shares different ways to say “PEACE” in different languages around the globe. The bright illustrations and simple language make it a great book for all young children.

Peace is an Offering by Annette LeBox is a beautiful book that explains the meaning of peace and it’s importance. It explains in simple ways what peace looks like in our everyday lives and how kids can share peace with others. It also talks about finding peace in times of sadness and tragedy.

peace by Wendy Anderson Halperin is a beautiful book that explores the concept of peace and how we can bring it to our world.  In the book kids will learn that idea of peace starts with our own hearts. This book includes activities and encourages kids to explore peace through the 5 senses.

In the book Same, Same but Different by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, two pen pals who live across the globe from each other discover how they may live in different countries but they have so many similarities.

This is How We Do It by Matt Lamothe explores the life of 7 different children from around the world. This book shows the similarities and differences as we explore where these children live, what they wear, their families, what they eat and so much more.