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Kids in Service Virtual Meetings

From April 2020-May 2021 all of our Kids in Service NH meetings were done virtually in order to keep everyone safe.  We now have a bunch of videos that you can view with your kids in the comfort of your own home.  These videos include multiple service project ideas, a read aloud story for the Junior videos and a video for the teens and a lesson.  When you sign up you will get a downloadable Welcome Packet and access to all of our FREE videos.



KiS Junior is for kids ages 10 and under.  Our theme for the year was Bravery and Persistence and there were monthly videos from October-May.  Each video meeting was around 15 minutes and is meant to be low stress for parents and caregivers.  Each video starts with a story, a quick lesson and two-three service project ideas.  You can have your children just listen to the story/lesson and/or participate in one or both of the projects if you have the time.  The projects can be done from the safety of your home and most can be done with materials around the house.

All raffles mentioned in the videos are now closed!

KIS Teen/Pre-Teen videos were posted every other month (October, December, February, April). The meeting videos are just over 15 minutes and are meant to be watched when it is convenient for your child. Each video contains a video clip or interview and two-three project ideas.  These projects can be done as a family, with friends or on their own.

All raffles mentioned in the videos are now closed!

Check out the two KIS Junior meetings we created last spring!


May Meeting–I start off with the book One by Kathryn Otoshi, we make Birthday Boxes and make cards for the local nursing home (rainy day art project).

Earth Day Meeting–I start off reading the book Love the Earth by Julian Lennon, we make recycled art projects and clean up trash on our street.


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So Very Grateful


This month the Windham Magazine ran a four page article about our local Kids in Service organization.  I was beyond thrilled when they reached out in January about doing an article about our group and the work we are doing in the community.  Reporter Madeline Hughes called to do a phone interview with me and then reached out to a few of our members (adults and kids) to ask them about their experience with the organization.

Madeline and photographer Carl Russo came to our KIS Teen meeting at the end of January and took pictures and interviewed the kids while they made blankets for Project Linus. We made 12 blankets that night and shared so many laughs as Madeline asked questions and Carl came around and snapped photos.

The article came out last week while I was away. My friend Kristin sent me photos of the article and I cried tears of joy and gratitude in the parking lot of a CVS.  Reading the words of the kids, the parents and the seniors we serve in the nursing home touched my heart. Since the article came out I have been showered by love and support from friends, family, former colleagues, community members and many people from my past.  I am so grateful to everyone who has reached out and for The Windham Magazine for running the article about our special group.  I had hoped that the article would mention a few of the key people who have helped Kids in Service grow into what it is today.  Unfortunately they were not mentioned and so I wanted to take a moment to thank them now.


Kids in Service NH is a team effort and has been from day one.  The group started almost 5 years ago under the name MOSAIC Kids.  Claire McGarry, founder of MOSAIC of Faith and Shifting My Perspective, and I sat together one Saturday afternoon and dreamed up a group where our children could serve the community in age appropriate ways.   We could not find service opportunities for our young children and decided to create projects of our own.  We brought on Pam Sarantis and MOSAIC Kids was formed.  That first year we worked so hard recruiting families, dreaming up projects and creating the framework for the organization. Claire and Pam stepped down from leadership after our first year but have continued to support the organization every step of the way.  I am so grateful for all they did to help build this group.

Next on board came Kristen Sudati.  She was a busy mom of littles but wanted to get involved.  She took over organizing our nursing home visits and worked to promote our group around town.  Last year Jody Wilkins joined Kristen and they were both given the official title of Community Relations Directors. These amazing women work tirelessly behind the scenes to promote our group in the community (the Memorial Day Parade, Scarecrow Contest etc.), make sure that we have a place to meet and that the families know when it is their turn to bake cookies for Project Appreciation, deliver the food for Project Brown Bag or clean up the park.  I am so grateful to have these two women on board and for all they do to make Kids in Service a success.

Kids in Service is so lucky to have the GREATEST families as part of our organization.  I am constantly in awe of the kids in our group.  Their kind hearts are always searching for new ways to make a difference.  During our Kids in Service Kids meetings we start with a lesson and a story and end with a gratitude circle.  The wisdom and gratitude of these children always warms my heart and gives me so much hope for the future.  Watching the teens and seniors interact at the nursing home is a beautiful site.  The fact that all of these children take time out of their busy lives to stop and help others is so important.


We could not do half of what we do without the support of the parents.  They are out shopping for items to donate, chatting with the seniors at the nursing home parties, making sure that their kids get to meetings on time and then pitching in to lend a much needed hand with our projects.  These parents are the glue that hold this group together and I am so very grateful for all of the work that they do and for sharing their children with me each month as we work to make our community a little brighter.

Thank you to Joe D’Amore, Cheryl Haas, Katie Cook, Peter Griffin, Lisa Challender, the Bow Rotary Club, Janine and Chris Parkinson, Zack McGarry, Scott Weller, Windham Presbyterian Church, St. Matthew’s Church and the many other people who support us financially, spread the word about our group, allow us meeting space and help to get us involved with projects.


Finally I’d like to thank my husband Scott and my children Zach and Caroline.  These three are my sounding boards, my cheerleaders and are always willing to jump into whatever service project is up next. Without their support there would be no Kids in Service.

Thank you EVERYONE!!

Kids in Service Clubs

Kids in Service NH Kids

Make a Difference May-18

Kids in Service NH Kids is a great way for children ages 0-11 and their parents to help serve their community in age appropriate ways.  We meet once a month, there is no fee to join and no commitment (please come when you can).

Every other month Kids in Service NH Kids meet at the local nursing home for a seasonal party.  These festive parties are great way for the children and seniors to interact.  We sing songs, play games and work on crafts.

On the opposite months, the group meets to work on age appropriate service projects.  Over the past 5 years we have painted flower pots for hospice patients, made cat nip socks for the animal shelter, made dignity bags for the homeless, sent gift bags to orphans in Honduras, ran a food drive, made birthday boxes and so much more.  These meetings start off with a story book and a quick lesson about our theme of the year.  This year our theme is EMPATHY.  We end our meetings with a circle of gratitude and by reciting our Kids in Service pledge.

Kids earn a service bead for their Kids in Service name necklace for every project they complete.  They love to see their colorful beads grow as they work to help others.

We have lots of other ways for families to earn service beads on their own time.  We have our Adopt a Grandparent program at the nursing home, Project Appreciation, The Brown Bag Delivery Project and Park Clean Ups.

For more information on how you and your family can get involved in the Kids in Service NH Kids group, please contact us at


Kids in Service Clubs

Kids in Service NH Teens


We are in our first year of our Kids in Service NH Teen Club!  This group started off the summer granting wishes in the local nursing home.  In the fall they helped to prepare candy for Windham’s Harvest Fest, made 50 bagged lunches for the homeless, made 30 holiday gift bags for hospice patients and made 12 blankets for Project Linus.  In March we will be making shoes for Sole Hope.  Many of these teens also participate in our Adopt a Grandparent Program.  Here they visit with local nursing home residents once a month, when it works in their schedule.

This is the NICEST group of kids and we have such a good time serving together. This group meets once, every other month and there is no fee to join and no commitment (kids should come when they can). We are happy to sign off on any community service hours that they may need. We’d love to have your teen/pre-teen join us!

For more information on how you can get involved in the Kids in Service NH Teen/Preteen group, please contact us at

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Kids in Service was on TV!!

Watch the interview below to see what some of the kids love about Kids in Service & to learn more about our local Kids in Service program!  Thank you so much to Cheryl Haas for inviting us to be her first guests on her new show, Community Connection!