DIY Camps

Welcome to the Kids in Service DIY Camp Page.  We now have two FREE programs for you to download. These camps can be used anytime of year!  They are filled with read aloud book suggestions, lessons in kindness, empathy, mindfulness and gratitude and service projects. 

Camp Empathy was born out of the 2019/2020 school year of service I did with my “real life” club in NH. That year our theme was EMPATHY and we focused our meeting time learning about EMPATHY and working on service projects related to that theme. It is organized as a 4 day week but you can easily spread the days out and do one a week for a month long program or schedule in the activities when they fit into your summer.

Camp Kindness is a 4 Day “Camp” experience that you can do at home with your kids. You can do all 4 days in one week or split them up throughout the summer.  This program is filled with read aloud book suggestions, lessons in kindness and service projects. It can work for all ages and for working families as well.