What is Hygge?


This winter, Kids in Service invite you and your family to hygge.

What is hygge you ask? Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) is a Danish concept. It is hard to explain but it may be the reason why the people of Denmark are among the happiest in the world.  To my family, hygge is a feeling of coziness which invites you to be mindful and use your five senses. It is about gathering, slowing down and spending quality time together.

A few years back I heard about this concept and read every book and article I could find. I wanted to create this same cozy, comfortable feel in my own home all winter long.  I wanted my home to be a calm and peaceful place for friends to gather as well as a cozy place for my family to be able to relax and enjoy time together.   The concept of hygge, completely shifted the feeling of long New England winters for me.  We now cross country ski, have twinkle lights up all winter long, diffuse wonderful smelling essential oils and even have a Hygge Day once a week where we stay in our jammies, play board games and read stories.

Kids in Service has done a series of posts on family hygge time and we invite you to learn more about this cozy concept of togetherness and self-care.  In order to serve others well, you must take care of yourself.  Hygge is a great way to make sure you get in some important self-care.

Click on an article below to learn more about hygge and how to incorporate it into your life.