Incredible Kids

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  

-Mahatma Ghandi

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There are kids like YOU all over the world making a difference in their communities.  Here are a few examples of the good work that they are doing to help make a difference.

This summer we are celebrating ALL of the kids who worked so hard over the past year and a half as they had to face so many changes and difficult circumstances. These kids learned how to school remotely, some went to hybrid school, they wore masks, social distanced, gave up field trips, had drive by birthday parades, held their school plays outside, spent hours on Zoom, had online graduations and so much more. Our kids are so INCREDIBLE and we would like to celebrate their flexibility, resiliency and their perseverance. If you have a photo of your child, or a child that you care about, that you would like to have in our July or August INCREDIBLE Kid collage, please email it to Thank you kids for being so AMAZING!
Meet Layla, she is 6 years old and in first grade. Back in March she asked her parents if she could donate her hair to be made into a wig for a child with cancer. Her parents found Hair we Share and helped her to set up a Facebook Fundraiser to raise money to donate along with her hair.  With the support of her parents and little brother, Layla raised almost $500 for Hair we Share and donated her beautiful hair.  Thanks Layla for being such an INCREDIBLE Kid!
Becca, a sophomore in High School, has already logged 62 hours of community service in less than 2 years of school!  The school requirement is 40 hours before graduation and though Becca is busy with academics, extra curricular activities and homework, she finds time to give back to her community. Community service is not new to Becca. She has been a Girl Scout for many years and with her fellow scouts she has sewn hats for chemo patients, put together dignity bags for the homeless, organized hat and mitten drives, made paracord bracelets for the armed forces just to name a few projects.  As part of the High School band, Becca was honored to be one of three trumpet players asked to play TAPS for the virtual Memorial Day tribute last spring. When the pandemic began Becca wanted to use her artistic skills to make a difference in the community.  She joined the Neighbor to Neighbor Project through Windham’s Helping Hands group.  This group pairs high school students with seniors, veterans and disabled members of the community.  Becca turned her artwork into postcards which she then wrote letters to seniors citizens to brighten their days throughout the pandemic.  She also made sun catchers, painted rocks and knitted scarves for the senior citizens in her community. She is looking forward to meeting some of the recipients, once it is safe to do so.  Before Christmas, Becca participated in an outdoor craft fare and sold her handmade jewelry.  She donated $1 of each sale to the Salem Animal Rescue league. Becca’s latest project is working on knotted dog blankets for the Animal Rescue Network of New England.  Becca has a heart of gold and is an INCREDIBLE kid!
Meet Isabella, Daniella and Pedro, our March INCREDIBLE KIDS! This past December Isabella asked her mother to buy her a sleeping bag for Christmas. This request surprised her mother and she asked why she would want a sleeping in the winter and suggested that she wait until summer to buy one.   Isabella said, “I want you to take the money that you will use to buy a gift for me and instead buy sleeping bags and food for the homeless and I want to go on Christmas Day.” When her siblings Daniella and Pedro found out about what she was doing, they decided to do the same. The kids ended up with enough money to buy sleeping bags, gloves, hats and meals for 20 people!!  Isabella wrote a note and inserted it into each sleeping bag. The note said, “Pay it forward”.  She told her mom that she had already received enough and it was time to give to others. Isabella hopes that by reading this story, you will be inspired to also “pay it forward”. Since Christmas, the family continues to visit the homeless.  They bring them some supplies but also show them love, which is what they need most of all.  Thanks Isabella, Daniella and Pedro for sharing your inspirational tale, you are INCREDIBLE KIDS!
Jocelyn (age 10) had one wish for Christmas this year and that was money so that she could make lunches for the homeless in Boston, MA.  Jocelyn approached Christina, the manager at the Salem, NH Panera Bread, for donations of mustard and mayonnaise packets and individually wrapped knives. When her friend Caroline heard about the project, she asked Santa to send breakfast bars and Slim Jim’s to Jocelyn to be added to the lunches. Jocelyn delivered 25 lunches to warm the hearts and bodies of many homeless people in the city of Boston. Jocelyn shared, “It was special to me to see the smile on their faces. There was this one guy who would not look at anybody and just looked down but when we gave him the lunch and offered him a blanket, he looked up and kept on looking up and smiled.” This is one of the many ways that Jocelyn shows kindness in her community.  Jocelyn you are an inspiration to all of us and the world is a better place because you are a part of it. Thanks for being an INCREDIBLE Kid.
Last month twins Lyndon and Allison (age 10) joined together with a few friends including Annika (age 10) to thank the staff at Parkland Medical Center for all of their hard work during this pandemic. They got the idea after Lyndon and Alli’s mom made a comment about the fanfare for healthcare workers dying down since the beginning of the pandemic. The kids knew that healthcare workers are working harder than ever and wanted to say thank you. Lyndon and Alli recruited friends to help make cards and they were able to deliver over 50 notes, cards and drawings!! They delivered these cards to Tina, a nurse at Parkland, who works with COVID patients daily.  Serving others is important in Lyndon and Alli’s home.  They recently made decorations and thank you cards for a veterans breakfast, are involved in the Kids Care Club at school, have done walks to raise money for MS, veterans, and cancer survivors. When asked why they do community service, Alli said, “It makes me feel good to help other people.” Lyndon said, “I like the thought of doing something that makes someone really happy. Making people happy is fun.”  Alli and Lyndon, you are INCREDIBLE KIDS!
Christopher and Jonathan, two brothers, chose to donate their Christmas gifts from their Grandmother Frances to “help with the wonderful work done by Shepherd’s Pantry.” So rather than receive gifts from her this Christmas they each gave their $250.00 gift to help feed families in need. Christopher and Jonathan, thank your for thinking of others in need.  Your INCREDIBLE kindness is in inspiration to many! Thanks for being such INCREDIBLE kids.

As 2020 comes to a close, we would like to take a minute to celebrate ALL of the INCREDIBLE KIDS from this year.  These caring kids have served their community despite a global pandemic and held lemonade stands and donated money to charity, cleaned up trash, made dignity bags for the homeless, collected sweatshirts for kids in need, made lunches for veterans, collected backpacks and school supplies for kids in need, made candles to raise money for the animal shelter, supported police officers with treats and by raising money, stood up for what they believed in, helped cheer up seniors at nursing homes with cards and artwork, collected holiday gifts for children in need, wrote a children’s book to raise money for Thirst Project, ran a 100 miles to raise money for the local food bank, wrote holiday cards for the military, spread love and kindness and have made a difference in their community. Thank you kids, I can’t wait to see what you all do in 2021, you are truly INCREDIBLE!

Meet Malik (age 5) and Tarek (age 3) our Incredible Kids for October.  These kind boys from our KIS NH group are always there to lend a hand and love to spread kindness.  Last month they put on their KIS shirts and cleaned up trash in their neighborhood with their mom. They also worked with some neighborhood kids on a  Sunday morning in September to raise money for Helping Hands Fight 2 Finish Cancer. They raised $475 with their lemonade stand!!  Thanks Malik and Tarek for showing everyone that you can make a difference in your community at any age!  You are both INCREDIBLE Kids!
Sienna (age 12), Gianna (age 10) and Vivien (age 9 ) were nominated this month to be our INCREDIBLE Kids. These sweet girls wanted to do something kind for their local police. They held a lemonade and cookie stand to raise money and had a sign that read, “FREE for Police”.  Through their hard work, they raised $180 for the police station and the officers were touched by their kindness. The girls hope that this money will go to help the police during this time of quarantine. “The police are always helping others and so we wanted to help them”. This is not the girls first lemonade stand and in past years they have raised money for The Jett Foundation and St. Judes.  These girls LOVE to help others and Sienna hopes to use her beautiful singing voice to help people, Gianna has donated her hair to cancer patients and Vivien loves to help neighbors by shoveling their walkways with friends.  These girls are truly INCREDIBLE kids!!
Kids in Service would like to introduce you to brand new author, Tia Guay.  Tia is a 16 year old high school student from Connecticut who wrote a book to raise money and awareness for the non-profit organization, The Thirst Project.  The Thirst Project works with young people to raise money to build fresh water wells in communities around the world that do not have access to clean drinking water. Tia heard about the global water crisis during a school assembly and wanted to help.  She set a goal to raise $12,000, the cost of a well for a village, during her four years of high school.  This book is one of the many projects that will raise money toward that goal. To purchase Tia’s book The Long Walk, click HERE.  A portion of the proceeds will go toward Tia’s $12,000 goal to raise money for The Thirst Project.  To learn more about The Thirst Project, click HERE.
Meet Abbey and Liv!  These two 4th grade animal lovers wanted to find a way to help animals in need and so they decided to create their own fundraiser. They have spent their summer days making candles to raise money and awareness for the Animal Rescue Network of New England (ARNNE). They sell their solid colored candles for $2 and their multi-colored candles for $2.50.  So far they have raised $300 for ARNNE!  Girls you are an inspiration and are truly INCREDIBLE kids!
Richie is a 17 year old high school senior from Park Ridge, New Jersey. Richie is spending his early summer days running in the heat to raise money for the Triboro Food Pantry.  He heard that the food pantry was in dire need of supplies and created a personal fundraiser to raise money to help them out.  His goal is to run 100 miles between June 4th and July 4th and he asked his family, friends and community members for pledges.  As of this moment he has raised over $3500 and run over 80 miles!  Thank you Richie for taking this time and effort to raise much needed money for the people in need in your community. Richie you are truly an INCREDIBLE Kid!!
This summer, Kids in Service would like to celebrate 8 year old Julia! Cheryl Haas, the Windham NH Recreation Director, nominated Julia as an Incredible Kid for her 5 years of service cleaning up the tennis courts and basketball courts at the local park. Julia has “adopted” these spots with her family and returns throughout the summer to make sure they are kept clean, filling bags and bags of trash each year.  Julia is a kind girl who LOVES animals. In February she adopted two 9 year old cats, Sadie and Taz and she has a 12 year old lab named Kasey. Julia has loved all of the quality time she has been able to spend with her pets during quarantine.  Thanks Julia for being an INCREDIBLE Kid!!
Dominik (age 13) has been serving lunches to the homeless in the park with Merrimack Valley Hope Mission, during his school breaks, for over a year now.  No matter the weather, he and his mom and his little brother Dimitri (age 9) head to the park to not only give out lunches but the kids have used their own money to donate warm socks, pizza and backpacks to the people of the park.  During his December break visit, Dominik noticed that the group was in need of plastic grocery bags to hand out lunches in.  He decided to reach out to family, friends and the people in his community to ask for bag donations.  This project resulted in him collecting over 1500 grocery bags, a box of sandwich bags to serve lunches in and a $50 donation for Merrimack Valley Hope Mission.  Dominik says, “It took the whole community and all the small acts of generosity to contribute to one great thing.” Dominik is truly an INCREDIBLE Kid.
Connor (age 4) took our Kids in Service project of making Valentine’s for those in need of cheer very seriously.  At our January meeting he worked very hard to write out as many Valentine’s as he could.  In February he took it upon himself to write out 16 more.  On each Valentine he wrote, “I LOVE YOU” and signed his name.  These Valentine’s were sent out to women battling addiction, veterans, families living in a shelter, patients in hospice and residents at the local nursing home. I was blessed to be able to hand out Connor’s last 16 Valentines to the homeless living in the park.  The look on their faces when they saw his sweet handwriting and the “I LOVE YOU” was priceless.  Connor gave so many people a gift with his gesture of kindness and that is one of the many reasons why he is an INCREDIBLE Kid!
Make a Difference May-15
Logan Cove at age 12, was inspired to help others in his school who were less fortunate.  He was sitting in class when he overheard a classmate saying that he had to wear his mom’s sweatshirt because his family couldn’t afford one for him.  This had a great impact on Logan and he decided to hold a sweatshirt drive.  That first year he collected 120 sweatshirts which he donated to the Derry School District and Windham Helping Hands.  After such a successful drive Logan wanted to make more of an impact.  This is when he recruited other kids, who had similar goals to become team leaders of the charity, and LMC Charities was established. LMC is a youth run charity with the mission to help others in need. Their next initiative was a 2K last spring in which they raised over $4000.00 to donate to Make-A-Wish. While working on these larger projects Logan has made several presentations about anti-bulling and anti-drugs. Respect, kindness, individualism and teamwork are his talking points during these presentations.  This year, the sweatshirt drive involved all of the team leaders as well as others that the team leaders recruited to help the cause.  LMC collected over 450 NEW sweatshirts that they donated to local schools and organizations.  Logan and the team will be organizing another 2K for this coming spring. LMC Charities is about kids helping kids, with a simple mission to make the world a better place one step at a time.
To Kids…From Kids was a Toy Drive that was organized by Windham’s Helping Hands organization.  The Toy drive was created as a community service project to show kids what the holiday season is really all about while ensuring all Windham kids wake up with a smile on Christmas Day. The project started with contacting businesses to collect toys, boxes were wrapped, and flyers were created all by kids! Toys were collected, sorted and delivered with smiles! The U14 Windham Baseball team collected at their team holiday party too. These are truly INCREDIBLE Kids!
Nominated for collecting toys for his birthday rather than getting gifts for himself, Jonathan DiNitto is a 10-year-old in Windham who goes to Presentation of Mary Academy and always tries his best to help others. While he doesn’t host a birthday party every year, his parents agreed to have one for his 10 closest friends to celebrate him turning 10. He decided he wanted to collect toys in advance of Christmas as his family always “adopts” children together to buy for during the holiday season. While at first he planned to donate them to Toys for Tots or Boston Children’s Hospital, when his mom told him that there was a drive for children in their very own town of Windham, Jonathan immediately wanted to help kids in his own community and donated all of his gifts (even the art kit he had already put on his own Christmas list) to Windham Helping Hands’ toy drive. Whether it is sharing everything with his two younger brothers or asking guests to bring donations rather than gifts, Jonathan is always eager to help others. He is known for being incredibly inclusive and trying to make everyone feel like they have a friend. He is the first to invite someone into a group/club/activity, always has a smile on his face and is eager to lend a helping hand. He is already training for his very first MS Muckfest this spring to raise funds and awareness for his beloved first-grade teacher who battles multiple sclerosis every day. Jonathan is an INCREDIBLE Kid!!
Sophie (age 6) raised $220 for Shepherd’s Food Pantry with her Christmas cookie baking project.  During the fall Sophie asked her dad about how she could help homeless children get food. This question led to a discussion about their blessings and they brainstormed ways they could help others who are less fortunate.  In the end they were inspired by a bake sale in a Pete the Cat book and decided to bake cookies to raise money.  Sophie’s moms chocolate chip cookie recipe is well loved and so they made up 10 batches to be delivered on Christmas Eve.  One family even had their cookies donated to the staff at the library.  Sophie is an INCREDIBLE kid!

As 2019 comes to a close, we would like to take a minute to celebrate ALL of the INCREDIBLE KIDS from this year.  These caring kids have raised and donated money to charity, cleaned up trash, collected items for homeless shelters, made dignity bags, volunteered their time, collected food for the hungry, sent care packages overseas for the troops, helped the homeless, granted wishes for seniors, baked cookies and treats to thank people who serve their community, asked for food donations in lieu of gifts at their birthday parties, made cards for seniors and children in the hospital, have been an example and inspiration to their classmates and have made a difference in their community. Thank you kids, I can’t wait to see what you all do in 2020, you are truly INCREDIBLE!

Taylor Bradley (age 10) and Kiera Bradley (age 11) of Windham, NH held their third book sale to raise money for Pediatric Cancer.  These two INCREDIBLE kids worked for weeks collecting and organizing books and held their book sale outside their local convenience store from 10-1 on a beautiful September day.  The two sisters raised an ASTOUNDING $900 for Sophia’s Fund and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute!! Taylor and Keira, thank you so much for being such thoughtful and INCREDIBLE kids!!
The Basso family hosted a summer party and asked their guests in lieu of bringing a dish, to please bring donations for the troops overseas. The response was incredible! They collected boxes and boxes full of donations. The next weekend their 4 children (Aubrey, Hayden, Nathan, Liliana) and their cousin, Grace Gillis, got together to pack boxes. The 5 children learned a lot about the troops they would be sending the donations to and made cards of support and thanks to include in the shipments. They received so many donations and are still being contacted by the guests that attended that day with additional donations. They are now packing and sending boxes every weekend! This was an amazing lesson for these INCREDIBLE children and a wonderful way to show gratitude for our troops!
Anna Haas is a 17 year old senior in high school and a four year starter on her school’s volleyball team.  In school Anna is ranked 13th in her class, she is part of the National Honor Society, the Math and Spanish Honor Societies, started a unified volleyball team at her High School, is a Class Representative and is the Community Service Coordinator in her school’s Community Service Club.  On top of all of these achievements and commitments, she spends much of her free time volunteering!  Anna has volunteered with Special Olympics for the past 6 years, volunteered in the Children’s room at her local library every week for 7 years, is an assistant coach for a 13 U Volleyball team, is a camp counselor for the local summer volleyball camps and volunteers for the neighboring town’s Recreation Department and helps with their big town events (there is a photo of her volunteering above).  Anna has received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) for the past four years.  This award is given to students who have performed over 100 hours of community service in a year!!   Anna was featured as the Hometown Hero on her local TV station in early September. Click HERE to see the TV spot about this INCREDIBLE Kid.
For the past 5 years, Zoe (age 11) has asked her friends to bring donations to the local food pantry in lieu birthday gifts. When she was in second grade, her friend had hosted a birthday where party goers brought donations for the animal shelter instead of gifts.  After the party Zoe said to her mom, “I want to do that but I want to collect food for people. Because people need food too.”  Zoe’s mom remembers being blown away and so proud in that moment of her seven year old daughter’s desire to help others. This year she made a thoughtful donation of 17 bags of food to the local food pantry and has inspired a little boy named Justin to collect donations instead of gifts at his 5th birthday party this year.  Zoe thank you so much for being such a thoughtful and INCREDIBLE kid!!
Troop 62806 from Haverhill, Massachusetts saw a need in their community and decided to take action.  Autumn, Hannah, Lexi and Selena put together 34 Dignity Bags and 12 spare feminine hygiene bags to distribute to 3 shelters in their local area. The girls collected donations from the community and put together Dignity Bags that included feminine products, personal hygiene items and even a novel to read. The troop of 5th and 6th grade girls also got to tour of one of the shelters and learned a lot about the homeless population that the shelter serves.  This WONDERFUL project earned the girls their Bronze Award in Girl Scouts. They truly are INCREDIBLE kids!!
pay it forward summer-9
This AMAZING group of teens and pre-teens came together this summer to make the wishes of some seniors at their local nursing home come true.  They spent time getting to know the residents and learning what life was like when the seniors were their age.  They asked each senior if they could have any 3 wishes, what would they be?  Many wished for World Peace, to be younger or for their spouses to be alive again.  Others wished for Oreo cookies, cans of Coca Cola, mystery novels, crossword puzzles and for the kids to organize a food drive in their honor.  This group is now working on making the wishes come true for the residents and will hand them out at the end of the month.  I am so proud of this group who has volunteered their time over the summer to brighten the day of some special residents. They truly are INCREDIBLE kids!!
Meet Ben!  He is 4 years old and last month raised $487 at his lemonade stand for the Children’s Hospital Walk.  This was his family’s third time walking and they have raised $7,379 in three years!!  Ben has been followed closely by Children’s Hospital since birth after a complicated NICU stay.  This past year he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Cohen Syndrome. Ben’s family is so grateful for the amazing ongoing medical care they receive at Children’s Hospital.  This past winter, Ben advocated at the NH State House and testified in two hearings. He was helpful in passing a Rare Disease Advisory Council for the state of NH!  He celebrated this important victory, by giving his friends at school toy zebras (zebras are the symbol for rare disease awareness).  Thank you Ben for being such an inspiration to us all, you are an INCREDIBLE Kid!!
This is Kayla, she is 10 years old and lives in Salem, Massachusetts.  Kayla was nominated to be an INCREDIBLE Kid because of her hard work, perseverance and the kindness she shows to EVERYONE she meets.  Kayla is often found on the side of the pool cheering on EVERYONE during her swim team meets (especially the underdog).  She signs up for swim races she knows she won’t win, in order to push herself.  She is a hardworking student who loves school and was disappointed when she was not able to get perfect attendance this year due to a 2 day fever.  Kayla goes out of her way to make a difference in this world and to make sure that everyone around her feels comfortable and cared for.  She is an INCREDIBLE Kid and a BRIGHT LIGHT in this world.
These two sweethearts (Christopher and Yvonne) and their mom recently baked cupcakes and made thank you cards for their local library staff.  They have been a part of Kids in Service NH for the past 3 years (Yvonne, her whole life) where they have cheered up the nursing home residents and worked on many of our service projects. They are INCREDIBLE Kids!
Park Clean Up-2
Nora and Joe baked some delicious cookies and made bookmarks for their local librarians as part of Project Appreciation. Thanks Nora and Joe for all you do to help your community and for being such INCREDIBLE Kids!!
pay it forward summer (8)
Collin is a 10 year old boy from New Hampshire who has been a game changer in his community in a few great ways. In the past, Collin has taken part in collecting useful items and creating notes and cards to ship to an Air Force Troop from his home state of NH, who are currently serving our country overseas. He has also spent several hours doing “random acts of kindness” like picking up garbage around local neighborhood parks and volunteering as an after-school classroom helper with younger kids taking Enrichment Art classes.
Collin’s biggest project was a recent food drive this May that collected food that will be distributed to hungry children by End 68 Hours of Hunger (Derry, NH chapter). By creating and distributing fliers and grocery bags for the collection, Collin raised awareness for the great charity, and then he succeeded at collecting over 100 food items for their cause! In the past, Collin has also has helped the organization pack the bags of food that are distributed to school children.
Some of these kindness acts have been “required” community service by the dojo where Collin is in his prep stage for receiving his first degree Black Belt in karate, but some of it has just been done for no reason except to do a kind thing that impacts others in a positive way.
For the past few years Jack and Scott have been serving their community through Kids and Service NH and their church.  They have been members of Kids in Service NH for 3 years and have participated in almost every project we have done in that time.  They play games with the seniors at the nursing home, have painted art projects for hospice, cleaned trash at our local park, have packed bags of gifts for children in Honduras and the Dominican, made placemats for Meals on Wheels, baked cookies for the librarians and so many other projects.  
Recently at their church, they participated in the outdoor clean up day, where they weeded, raked and put down mulch. They are two sweet boys who are always there to lend a hand. They are INCREDIBLE kids!!
Makayla Waters (age 12) and Lily Levesque (age 11) of Salem, NH spent one evening putting together dignity bags for homeless women in Lawrence, MA.  They were inspired after reading an article called, The Homeless Period.  Many homeless women have to choose between sanitary products and food each month with the little money that they have.  These INCREDIBLE pre-teens decided to take action and put together dozens of bags during a weekend sleepover.  Makayla and Lily, thank you so much for being so thoughtful and for making a difference if your community.  You are both INCREDIBLE kids!!
Elizabeth (age 5) and Alex (age 3)decided they wanted to create paintings and drawings for the residents at the local nursing home.  This brother and sister team made dozens of beautiful pictures and passed them out to the residents.  These works of art touched the hearts of the recipients and everyone was so grateful for this sweet act of kindness.  Elizabeth and Alex prove that you are never too young to make a difference in your community!   They are INCREDIBLE Kids!
Meet Daniel (11), he is also one of our INCREDIBLE Kids for May.  Daniel made cookies for the fire department as part of Kid’s In Service’s Project Appreciation.  The firefighters were so touched by this kind gesture that they took him on a tour of the fire station and posted a Thank You on their Facebook page!  Thanks Daniel for being such an INCREDIBLE Kid!!
This 4 year old super hero, put on his uniform, and FILLED his friend Barry’s truck with toys for the kids at a local homeless shelter.  This little guy worked with his mom to decide which toys to keep and which toys to giveaway “to make kids happy”.  Barry said he felt like Santa delivering all of the wonderful toys to the children.  This little hero also made cards for an injured police officer and for a peace rally for a local mosque.  At the library he found a “lost” 1 year old girl and held her hand and kept her away from the entrance “so she wouldn’t get more lost”.  He is an INCREDIBLE Kid!
These Incredible Kids volunteered for Cradles to Crayons in Boston.  They spent two hours sorting books and helped over 150 children.  One of the girls, Chloe, wrote a guest post for KIS all about their experience. “It feels really special to know that a little girl, boy, mom or dad is happy because of something you did!” You can read more of her reflection and learn all about Cradles to Crayons HERE.
This sweet girl baked cookies for the custodians at her school as part of Kids in Service’s, Project Appreciation. I am sure those yummy cookies were received with so much gratitude. She is an INCREDIBLE kid!!
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We would like to celebrate ALL of the people who participated in the 7 Days of Kindness Challenge back in February.  We are so grateful for all who participated and loved seeing and reading about all of the kind deeds that were being spread around the world.  We had people of all ages participate and loved seeing the hashtag, #seniorsinserivce   We celebrate ALL OF YOU as our Incredible Kids/Adults for the month of March.  We look forward to another challenge next February!!
These young boys were sick with the croup during their Kids Community Service group meeting but that did not stop their giving spirits.  Despite being sick, they painted beautiful pictures for local hospice patients.  Look at those smiles and I know there will be big smiles on the recipients of these beautiful works of art.  These two also collected food all Advent long and recently brought their two LARGE boxes of food to their local food bank.


These two boys used their own money to buy socks for the homeless.  They joined a few friends and put together 48 homeless bags to hand out as Christmas gifts.  Each bag included the socks they had bought, cereal bars, chapstick, tissues, candy canes and hand warmers.  They came out in the rain and greeted each person with a smile and a “Merry Christmas”.  They then helped to hand out the weekly Friday lunches and visited a homeless shelter to donate the extra homeless bags.
These children worked hard all year long to collect change in their Christmas Jar.  They collected over $250 in coins and had to start a second jar.  They anonymously donated the money they collected to a family in need.  They have already started their jar for next Christmas!
This girl baked brownies for her church parish office and made a sweet card thanking them for all they do for the church.  You can see the smiles that this kind gesture created.
This group of children visit a local nursing home every other month to have a PARTY with the residents.  They sing songs, make crafts and play games with the seniors there.
This boy volunteered to rake the local Prayer Path at his church.  This simple act of kindness benefits so many people.  He is an INCREDIBLE Kid!
This girl went out with her mother to collect trash in their neighborhood.  Litter is a real problem in the USA and this is a project that we could all do.  Thanks for being an INCREDIBLE KID!

Are you an Incredible Kid or know somebody who is?  Please send us a picture of the Service Project or Act of Kindness that makes this person an Incredible Kid.  Tell us about how they are helping others or our planet. Please email us at: